Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Day

Hooray for Christmas!  This year was the Star Valley Christmas.  This always means an awesome Christmas tree, a treasure hunt, some kind of taste test and more fun than we can even contain. 
 Amazing Christmas tree: check

The treasure hunt was a life sized Chess game.  I actually won, check-mate to Jason, but by the specific rules of this game I technically lost, but I really won.
 People were spread out all over the place so that morning they all had to gather in the loft before they could come into the great room.  I don't know what your family may do (unless you are a member of my family reading this then I do because you are my family) but everyone had to be present before you could all go see what "Santa" brought.  So that morning takes some coordination, and coaxing some people out of bed. KyleJo we are looking at you.

But we eventually all get there in the end

 That Toblerone is mine.  Kids like chocolate they find stuck to their shoe, why would we get them fine Swiss chocolate? 

 "A Backpack! And Cheetos.  And more Cheetos.  And more Cheetos!."  When we asked Jack what he wanted for Christmas he said "um, Cheetos."  

 Everyone loved Trinity's new/very old typewriter.  It even dings when it reaches the end.  Very la-tee-da.

 It was a tremendous day.  

I wonder if we could squeeze 4 adults onto a love sac?  Oh well. We'll have to try next Christmas. 

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