Sunday, January 4, 2015


Welcome 2015! This year I (we) resolve to be better at updating the blog.  Here we go.

Looking at all of our Christmas related photos, I thought, "dang, this is going to be the longest post ever."  So we will need to break it up a little.  Here we go with pre-Christmas. 

Nina and Gramps did "The 12 Day of Christmas" for the kids.  This meant that they had two weeks of running out to the mailbox and coming in with a new present.  
Most days the outfits were normal

Sometimes, pajamas only

Other days were "drag" days

Notice the lack of snow, for the middle of December  That was greatly appreciated.  
Thank you Al Gore!

Regardless of the outfit worn to the mailbox, all of the presents were received with great enthusiasm and appreciation.  Although the peppermint cotton-candy wasn't a huge winner after opened. 

We hope all your Holidays were just dandy as could be.
Ours sure were.

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