Sunday, May 16, 2010

Behold Anchorage!

Since Jack was still up here naturally we had to go for a hike.  There is a hill they call Flat Top that is a nice easy hike that from the top you can see all of Anchorage.  You know how lots of big cities have smaller cities around them?  For instance you could say "Salt Lake" while actually referring to Holiday or Murray or Idaho Falls.  Anchorage is not like that.  Everything you see in the picture above is Anchorage.  We drove up to the trail head to start our wanderings.  One thing we really didn't expect was the snow.  

Seriously, who goes hiking mid May up a nice little hill and thinks to themselves, "hum, I should probably bring my crampons"?  Well we should have.  Nikes that you have had so long that what remains of the sole is a couple of holes and smooth rubber are not good footwear for uphill snow climbing.  They do make the return trip fun though! 

Except for all the slipping getting to the top wasn't too hard. It sure was a pretty view.

Since we only have "regular" cameras and not the Cannon XD 45679er our pictures aren't that of a celestial quality but right behind Jack's paws is Mount McKinley. You can kind of see it.  We could see it very well.

We had dinner plans so we had to get going.  Sliding down is much easier than sliding up.

Action Shot!

Isn't she bodacious!


Jason, Mysha & Ella said...

Totally Tubular man!

Kristen Ellen said...

Katy is so cute! I love the last picture.