Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just a story

We had to say farewell to our beloved Juneau. There were many reasons why we were sad to leave and many why we were glad to leave. Juneau has to be this nations most beautiful capitol and one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. If it weren't for the rain, it would be my perfect place. It was a small town which I love. But business was slow there and then there was the rain. But we have to follow the reps. We got on our ferry at 7 in the morning to start a long, long day. They were playing Avatar in the movie lounge on the ferry but in the middle someone came over the ship's PA system to say that they had been seeing a bunch of humpback whales about a half mile ahead. I do like Avatar but I grabbed my "acalators" (that's Bridger-eese for binoculars) and went out onto the front of the boat. We didn't see anything for quite a while so Katy went back in but I was determined and guess what! I saw 2 whales. They came up and blew out a breath and then dove again flipping their tails up as they went under. Fantastic!
We made it to Haines, Alaska where we were getting off. An other extremely beautiful city and started our 16 hour drive. The trip through the little bit of Alaska was great but then we hit North Montana. If you think Wyoming is empty, you should take a drive through the Yukon. WOW! You know you are in a desolate place when someone can flip their car completely over on the side of the road and it takes a month for a wrecker to come get it. You know when you are driving and then there is a big drop in the road? It's one of those dips that makes your feet tingle and your stomach hover for a second up by your jugular vein. Well imagine that, but multiplied by 10 and then being constant for about 300 miles. Then add into the physical equation your head alternating bouncing off your own knees and the ceiling of the car. This is the Yukon driving experience.
Once we got back into Alaska the roads improved immensely. We saw caution signs for moose and caribou crossing the highway. I thought that it would be fun to see either or both to add to our Alaskan experience. We did see a moose running into the brush on the side of the highway. Then as it was starting to get dark- at 10:30!- a small heard of caribou ran out onto the highway right in front of me. Most people would see this as a bad thing, but I see it as positive for several reasons.
1. I got to see some wild caribou right up close.
2. I was able to check the new brake pads and calipers I put in just before we left. Working like a charm.
3. There was a bag of cookies sitting on top of all the stuff on our back seat and when I tested my new brake pads that bag became a projectile that would have killed that entire heard had the windshield not stopped it. I took this as a sign from God that I should have a cookie. I had 3 or 4 in fact. Let it not be said that Shea M Roberson doesn't respond to spiritual promptings.
4. I finally had that BM I'd been needing to have for a couple days.

And now we are here in Anchorage. It was weird getting back into "the city" after being in Juneau and then driving through nothingness for so long. But this should only add to the adventures.


Mysha said...

Poor Rivers got the "your sandwich shoot's mustard in your eye" experience while I read this post! Cookie projectiles indeed!

Kristen Ellen said...

Haha! Funny story!