Friday, September 10, 2010

Lots of catching up

It's been a while, so lets catch up. 

While Katy was having a nice break away from her husband she got to go raspberry picking with some of the fam.

So I think these plant's are my grandpa's, cousin's, wife's, nephew's, something, something. The relations get a little fuzzy when you are related to half the valley.  But look at all them berries! 

So while I was still in Alaska I was technically working but that consisted mostly of watching lots of movies, walking around, napping... you know getting paid for doing nothing.  But then I come back home to "rest" and within a few hours had done more work than I had done in the previous 2 weeks.  And it's quite a bit warmer here than it was in Anchorage so I needed cooling break.

  And boy was it cool!  The days are nice if not rather hot, but it gets into the low 30's at night so that doesn't do good things to an outside, above ground pool.  Shocking!

But the trampoline is always hot when the sun is out.  But I would recommend to everyone else to not rest your head on the springs.  

The Denson clan came up to visit this last weekend, and I just had to put in a picture of the cutest niece in the world!

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Mysha said...

let us never speak of this to rivers