Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We had a party for Katy's grandparents on Sunday because they both turned 70 this year.  Quite an accomplishment.  I could never do that at my age.  Katy was the pregnant belle of the ball, her being such a cute lady and all.   
     Katy standing outside with her ma.  That creepy guy behind them was watching me all night long.  What was his deal?!
 and then I got stuck in the tire swing and they all just laughed at me.

 This is Katy and her little sister Stacy and her even littler cousin Ellie.  I'm sure that creepy guy is hiding just out of the frame.

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Mysha said...

Oh my goodness! That kid is soooo creepy! At first he was holding fishing poles... weird I thought. And then I realized he was swinging and that seemed even more alarming than holding two identical fishing poles standing at a weird angle. And then after I was thinking about why creeper creepington is staring at Stacey and Katy, I realized it is probably steven. No offense Steven!