Monday, November 15, 2010

And then there were three

Katy started having contractions Thursday afternoon and by 6 they were regular, about 6 minutes apart.  By 8 they were 4 minutes apart and from what I was told they hurt a lot, so we went to the hospital.  First we went to a trauma room to make sure she actually was in labor. 

 See, she doesn't look too comfy.  The giant kidney jello mold is for spewing into, but luckily it wasn't needed.  That probably would have sent her husband out to the waiting room for a few hours.

When it was confirmed we went to a delivery room.  This was about 11.  Katy's first request was "epidural"! 
This is Katy's favorite person on the whole damn planet.  Who knew that someone who puts a 4 inch needle into your spine (and then charges you 2 grand for 20 minutes of work) could be so appreciated?

The whole night there were 2 or 3 nurses or interns or doctors that would stop in and check on Katy, but you know that real junk is really happening when 90 people come storming into the room. 
Here are a few of them: three nurses, a doctor, a resident, there was an intern in there you can't see, another doctor, a mother, a fan boy/ice feeder/photographer/husband, a couple other nurses that were in and out a bunch and this one guy named Lou.
And then they wheel out this cart that has a blanket on top of it so you think it is the big plastic tub they put the baby it. Nope! They whip of the towel to reveal their table of torturing implements.  Sweet Junk!  Maybe I have watched too many movies but I swear one of the nurses called that doctor Dr. Rudmila Krubutkin.  I didn't want to cause a fuss so I just kept waving my pillow at Katy.
I guess nothing can really prepare you for being in labor, or being in a  delivery room not in labor but just hanging out while a baby is born.  The first real noise of labor that came from Katy really took me by surprise.  She's a pretty soft spoken lady, except to Kade, but the sound that came out of her was something between the squawk of a Cockatoo and a circular saw.  Kind of a noise that really makes your bones hurt.  But that only lasted about 2 and a half hours.  Then there was a baby.

This crappy picture is with Anna, the nurse that was there the whole time and she even stayed 30 minutes after her shift to see what we the baby was.  We really liked her.

Understandably mom was tired, so they took the new baby girl to the nursery for a few hours.  

A picture just for Mysha


Candace said...

Thanks for putting this on here! Congratulations on baby girl Loreli. - I think I'm spelling that right. You guys are great and I hope things are wonderful. I hope to see you when we're out there for christmas!

Carl and Tracey said...

Yay!!! Katy looks too pretty for just having a baby :) Congrats!!