Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

 We sure hope everyone's day was as swell as ours.  We had the traditional feast over at Gana and Grandad's place. 
Here Stephen tries his best to win the admiration of a 4 year old. 
Little Loreli was the belle of the ball, being passed from arm to arm. But since she is a snuggler she really didn't mind.  I don't think she has slept that much in one day yet.  Auntie Kristen has a way with sleeping babes.
We opened Loreli's Christmas present from Aunt Lane for her, a month early.
And here lies the true meaning of thanksgiving.  As you can see that table is full, so the rest of the pies were on a different table.  That is the best problem to have.

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Mysha said...

Holy Moses! I haven't seen you with that little facial hair since you were 7! At first I thought you were macey!