Friday, November 19, 2010

She lives!

Finally some open eye pictures.

I think this was after bath time while she was lounging about. 

 She really seems to like this chair-a-majig thing and who wouldn't? It sings, bounces, vibrates, has monkeys,  throw in a drink holder and make it bigger and I'll take two.

Fatherhood and been both harder and easier that I thought it would be.   Easier Example: For all of you who so doubted my skills, I am still able to get in a nap a day if I so choose.  Maybe you just weren't committed enough. 
Harder Example:  I have much younger siblings, young enough even that they could be my own children if I were just a bit wayward, so I have had to change a few diapers.  But I had one out of a nightmare this morning.  I knew that they would be gross but I have never had to fight the gags back like this.  Seriously, it's been an hour since Loreli tried to kill me and my throat still is twitching.  If it were up to me the two blankets she contaminated would just be burnt, but Katy wants to wash them.  I think I can get over it but we'll see.  Hopefully it didn't weaken my defenses too much that I will puke next time, but that could possibly get me out of changing diapers for a year or two.


Candace said...

HAHA.. Harder Example was hilarious. Loreli is such a good mixture of both of you guys. She's gorgeous!

LarkenBird said...

Shea and Katy- Just found your blog! I am so excited to see pictures of your little one. She is BEAUTIFUL.