Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Plenty of festivities to go around! 
Our little Violette Boregard here. 

It was clearly a very bright sunshiny day, which also means it was a rather cold day.  Fun on the snowmobiles but after a bit your facial skin gets really cold, and then you get hit with a flying crusty snow chunk and boy howdy does it sting.

Dance party.  Kade had a wii game that everyone loves. Just Dance it is called.  It is pretty fun to watch and even to play, but some of them fit in the category of torture better than dance.  This one called "Rasputin" just about killed me.  Then during another one I punched myself in the throat with the remote.  Sheesh, that a game!

 Here we had an activity I have always wanted to have, a cream soda taste off.  There were eight different brands.  There were some funky ones, some interesting ones, one that we think accidentally was replaced with hairspray, and then your regular delicious ones.  The winner, well that depends on who you ask.  Kade liked the one that tasted like bubblegum, I preferred IBC or Shasta, Katy liked the IBC, Mysha liked A&W.

Then we had our little nativity scene to go with the Luke 2 reading.  Ella was the little angel, Trinity was Mary, Bridger was Joseph.  We didn't have a donkey outfit so Kade was a moose. 

This is Loreli in her Christmas Eve dress that Katy made.  Isn't it so cute?!

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Kristen Ellen said...

I hate root beer that tastes like bubble gum! I love that y'all did a taste test. loreli looks so cute in her dress!