Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Loreli and Crew

No this is not her new hit band, just pictures of her with her minions.  Youngest first. 
Ellie holding Loreli.  I think she would be her second cousin? once removed?  Why can't we all be like the Polynesians and just call any relation no matter how distant "cousin"?
Lane and Elizabeth, the mother and sister of Ellie, whatever that makes them to Loreli.

Stacy Jr's first experience with the baby.  She did well.  We did our best to make her baby hungry but the real work is up to Jarrod.   Good luck buddy. 

Loreli's favorite person, the milk maid.
Believe it or not we took 12 thousand pictures and this was the best one of me. Long day. 
Auntie Kristen is just a natural, I mean with babies. 
Grandma No-name does pretty well too. 
Lorei with Grandpa Dunaway
I guess this makes her a Great-Gana and Great-Jason
And up from Chattanooga to visit, Great-Great Grandpa Johnny.  We told him to not giver her any liquor but he snuck some into her somehow.

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Mysha said...

I don't get it... eleventy billion pictures of Lolly and not one of her screaming her guts out. What's wrong with your baby?