Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet the Robersons

Loreli finally got so meet the Robersons, well most of them.  She fared the long trip rather well.  The meetings went geographically thus Granddad and Linda in Cheyenne were first. 

Wyoming has had a surprising lack of snow for how late it is in the year.  There was a bit on the ground but not much.
The next morning we were off to Laramie where Loreli met Aunt MaceyJo and Great-GrandMary (and Glenn and Ann and Terry and Aaron and Rafi but none of which were photographed). 

It being early, Loreli was a little happier on this visit than the previous one. Then just one more push for home.  After three days in a car that is piled up the the roof with all your junk, you  are just so ready to never get in  car again.

Loreli did meet Jack and Gena and Bridger but somehow only the read heads got pictures.  Operator error no doubt.
Even though I am just about eternally sick of cars we went down to Ogden so Loreli could meet her cousins and Auntie Mysha.

 Ella was so excited to hear that Loreli needed a diaper changed.  She just jumped right in there to help.  Just when we saw it was a super messy one did her mother yank her out of arms reach.  Too bad my mother wasn't there to yank me out too.

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Kristen Ellen said...

So cute! Yay for new pictures! I can't help laughing at how big Loreli looks with Trinity holding her.