Saturday, September 17, 2011

3 little bags

Here in the magical land of North Dakota we don't have yard sales or garage sales, we have rummage sales.  These differ in slight ways from your lowly yard/garage sales.  The major difference is price.  You show up with a pocket full of quarters and walk away with more loot than 16 hobos could carry (that's another difference up here- measurements are taken in "hobos").  I guess each year the local Lutheran church hosts the granddaddy of all the rummage sales.  It's so big they have to use the civic center.  It lasts for two days and the last day is special.  See they really want to get rid of all of this stuff so you buy a bag for a buck (that's a hobo 20) and then you stuff it as well as you can.  We bought three bags and walked out with 24 articles of clothing: sweaters, shirts, jeans, jackets and such; 11 yards of fabric and 4 miscellaneous items.  Not bad getting clothes for 12 cents eh?   

Oh and here's a cute picture of Loreli. Apparently she was dressed by a hobo because it definitely isn't Halloween yet.


Mysha said...

Speaking of hobos- remember when Kade slept next to a Maverick!! (Jason was forcefully concerned that I didn't use a question mark. But it wasn't a question. I demand that you remember when he did that)

Mysha said...

ps. I LOVED this post. I laughed and laughed. This is why I religiously check your blog everyday. I check your blog more than I shower. Because showering is much less hilarious- all those stretch marks... ugh.

PatShala said...

That puts most of my good deals to shame. North Dakota rocks! Way to go. I love Loreli's Halloween outfit - too cute!