Monday, September 12, 2011

A bit of this and that...

We realize that September is about halfway over and we haven't even done a post yet. So unlike us. We post about everything and even the stuff no one really cares about. But for whatever reason Loreli has not come up with any new material. So this weekend we made it a point to get pictures and a bit of dull video for you folks that care. Nothing too exciting, just a bit of this and that!

In the mornings while making breakfast, Loreli likes to help by playing with the bowls and measuring cups.

Shea trying to take Loreli to work with him.

Watching her boyfriend Beto. She loves zumba!

She's getting two teeth! This picture does no justice to her little chompers, but they are there. I promise.

Yesterday I was making breakfast and after turning my back on her for less than 10 seconds I turn and found her digging in the baking cabinet! We really need to baby proof our kitchen since now no cabinet or drawer is safe.


This is the face she makes when you discipline her. It's almost like she's saying, "I'll just smile and nod at what you're saying, but I'm so cute that I can do whatever I want."


PatShala said...

Loreli is so cute and doing the same things as our Mckay. He smiles and giggles when I try to discipline him too. Hilarious, but not so much. I have done that Zumba video with Beto - so FUNNY!

Rachel said...

oh my gosh. She is THE CUTEST! I'm sure with such a great mom & hilarious dad that this baby is destined for amazingness!