Friday, September 23, 2011

The Smell of Fall

Once upon a time while serving in the Ellensburg WA area in 2005 I had an experience that I have not forgotten.  I was in Ellensburg for most of the summer going into fall.  My companion and I were riding our bicycles back into town from being out in the country a bit.  While astride my red Giant a cool breeze wafted by bringing with it an amazing sensation.  Being a cool breeze it felt like summer was coming to an end but more amazing was the smell.  I had never before associated a particular smell with the season of autumn but I surely do now.  This smell instantly made me think of all things fall; changing colors, cooler temperatures, comfort food, warming by a fire, wearing thick sweaters the holidays approaching.  I cannot describe this smell other than the feelings it created.  It felt peaceful, calming, serene, elegant and comforting. 
A couple weeks ago it started getting cooler in the evenings and it felt like summer was coming to an end, but alas, no smell.  Believe me I tried to find it.  I walked around outside sniffing to try and get just a hint of that smell.  Maybe fall smells different in North Dakota, too bad.  So if you know what I'm talking about and you live somewhere where the start of fall smells heavenly, go take a big drag for me.


Mysha said...

How I ever told you that I love how passionate you are about the little things! Mandy said you have a list of art to hang in your house, and I wasn't surprised! But please, never again ask anyone to take a "drag" for you.

monte and gena said...

Maybe that smell was your nasty teenage hair treatment.

Mysha said...

Nasty teenage hair treatment!! HAHAHAHAH! Good one montegena!