Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Big 01

One whole year and not dead yet.  That's a record for us.  Not that we have killed one before a year...
Anyway.  Loreli wanted me to be sure and tell everyone thanks for the presents.  She would have said it herself but she is a little busy at the moment being stuck under a chair.  Hold on...

We started out with a present from Auntie Kristen.  It's a stackable doughnut-cake, jingly thing.  You know.  It was so fun for about a minute, but then the wrapping paper and box kept her entertained for the next 5 minutes.

Mom had a lot of fun decorations set up.  None are pictured but there were also about 16 balloons that just about killed us.  They were super stiff.  I think it only took me to try and blow up two before I had a mouth hernia, you know where part of your brain shoots out your ear.
 Then there was cake

Isn't that belly button gross?!  And that is saying something coming from me.  I may keep half a sweater in mine occasionally but I never pack it with chocolate cake.  The frosting was her favorite part, to eat that is, not to stick in her belly button.
Then we ended with more presents.

Some bath toys from Jack and G, and some awesome cards from B and T
Too bad we already did bath.  So we'll have to try them out in next month's bath.  J/K, she bathes more frequently than I do.  But then again I don't stuff my belly button full of soggy food.  Just the dry stuff for me.


Macey said...

Oh shoot. I'm a bad aunt. Happy Birthday Loreli. Good thing you're too little to care that I didn't acknowledge your birthday. She's so cute. I can't wait to see you guys next week!

Kristen Ellen said...

Matt kept telling me just to send Lorelli an empty cardboard box. That babies love to play with those. I guess he was right! Love the shirt Katy!

Shea and Katy Roberson said...

For real. She does loves boxes and we have a plethora of them since mom has gone bonkers and sent her every toy on Amazon for Christmas.