Monday, November 7, 2011


Don't worry. She's not dead, just sick. Since last Wednesday Loreli has been a little under the weather. She's been cranky, tipsy, febrile, exhausted, and so super snuggly. Her fever broke Saturday evening and then Sunday morning I noticed a fabulous red rash. Lets just say that Sunday was rough all around. We finally were able to get into the doctor today and turns out that she has roseola, a rockin' sore throat, a few swollen spots on her gums (more teeth...uggh), and an ear infection. Seriously? No wonder the past few days have been treacherous! Here are a few sickly pictures of the wee one.

Watching Veggie Tales and playing with Dad's CDs
She looks so lethargic.
Thanks Auntie Amy for the pacifier thermometer & Nina for the granny pajamas!

Hopefully the antibiotics we picked up today will do the trick and this little one will be back to being her silly self again!

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Kristen Ellen said...

She looks so drunk in the picture where she is watching veggie tales. Awww it is so sad that she is sick!