Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Apart from our fall stint in Nashville last year I think this is the warmest Halloween I have ever had.  A 64 degree day in North Dakota at the end of October.  Crazy right?  I think it's just lulling us into a false sense of security and next week we are going to get 9 feet of snow and stay below 0 till next March.  Anyway... 
Thanks for the costume G Dunaway!

    At the ward party she won "the cutest costume" award earning her parents a twix candy bar.  Thanks Loreli.  Our ward here has over 900 members and I'm pretty sure they all were there at the party.  Insanity partially describes the overall feel of the event.  We won't focus too much on that.  This post is about cute pictures of princess Loreli.

Being a princess we shouldn't have let her grub around on the floor, but tights and a wood floor make walking difficult for a novice walker.  But there were too many kids there for her to be unhappy about anything. 


All of the businesses in town let the kids trick-or-treat through them so we went over to main street to join in the commotion.  

The City Bar there gave all the kids free tequila shots.


Loreli had fun seeing all the kids dressed up like her friend Cierra here from the ward.

A little boy walked past this dog dressed like a caterpillar and said "look an alligator". That brought me the chuckles. 


She may not have much hair, but she does have teeth.  There are 4 more hiding behind that top lip. 


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Mysha said...

Ella and Loreli were twiner Snow Whites! I'm pretty sure now we have to do this every year until they are at least 16!