Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving the fam goes up into the hills to bring back the family Christmas tree. 
It's a lot of fun but usually requires more work than you previously remember

We didn't have any boots for Loreli so Jenn was kind enough to lend us some extra gloves to stick on her feet.  

The Denson's were much better prepared for their little girls.

Then comes the difficult part of decorating 15 foot trees.
So my camera isn't a super fancy one like the rest of the world so this picture is terrible but you get the general idea.  The tree on the left is the Christmas tree decorated in red and gold and the one on the right is MaceyJo's wedding tree since the open house is being held here at the the manor.  It is decorated in her colors of turquoise and grey. 

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Kristen Ellen said...

Those trees are huge! Love the turquoise and gray wedding one!