Saturday, December 31, 2011


Here we are at the end of December.  It sure was a busy month.  I am glad for all the travels and adventures we had this month but I am glad to be settled back at home and into my routine. I'm a creature of habit so familiarity brings me happiness.  Not that seeing you all didn't bring me happiness...
   anyway mid December we flew down to Idaho to see MaceyJo get hitched.

I don't fly well so I get all drugged up in the airport (don't tell TSA) but the littln' is just awesome and travels so well she just zonked out.  I promise I didn't drug her too, but drugs (or m&ms) were on hand in case of certain possibilities.

For Christmas Jack and G got a kitchen playset for all the little grandgirls and they just loved it.  Loreli loved playing with this thing.  Surprisingly there were very few disagreements between the wee ones in regards to sharing the kitchen and its accouterments.

Here's a little video of Loreli and Ella taking a dance break from slaving all day in the kitchen.

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