Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Helper

Loreli is a really good helper. Well, when I say helper I really mean that she is good at getting into whatever I am doing at the moment. Yesterday mornings activity involved making bread and of course she participated. 

Here she is so sweet and clean.

And here she is after somehow flour exploded everywhere which she couldn't resist sampling.


 When it's all done, she just kicks back and admires her work.

Oh and here is an update on the belly.

Have a fab day!


Kristen Ellen said...

I love Loreli's outfit. She looks fab, even with the flour. Baby Jack is lookin good!

PatShala said...

Loreli looks like a great helper! Isn't weird how kids will eat nasty things, just because they can. Brenn ate flour. McKay eats dirt. You look great hot mama!