Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doing Big Girl Things

Loreli is growing up. It's crazy, but it's happening right before our very eyes.
She will sit for 20 minutes or more just looking at stacks of books. Now for those who don't know her too well, this is a long time because she is super busy and wiggly.

She's learning how to hold a bowl and feed herself with a spoon! She has had spoon control down okay for a while, but this last week for the first time I gave her the bowl. I finally decided that I should let her learn and try not to control everything and since then she's done great!

One of my favorite things that she does is walk up to one of us and reach for our hand and then proceed to lead us somewhere, but usually it's to nowhere that she's leading us. Such trickery! We walked through town the other day and she held my hand the entire time leading me down the street. I love it!

She also loves to talk. She will stand and talk to us (or strangers) a mile a minute with her hands just flying all over! It's very entertaining. She is still not saying words that we understand, but just yesterday said "bkkkss" when referring to a book. Yaay!

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LarkenBird said...

oh my! She just gets cuter as she gets older!