Thursday, January 5, 2012

White Winter Wedding Wonderland World, Wiskers?

 For some reason this family can't seem to shake the winter weddings.  Sorry I guess.  Katy and I set a bad trend in motion.  It was a bit brisk and I did make myself sick trying to create ice figures for the reception but it all turned out quite splendid, the reception that is.  The ice things were a disaster. Not that they killed anyone they just didn't work, at all.  Sigh.
You can see that Loreli enjoyed the treats at least as she sucked all the white chocolate off of a pretzel.

 The colors were grey and turquoise-ish and everyone did really well getting ties and shirts to match, but then everyone kept their coats on so you can't really tell.

 Macyjo was getting chilled thus requiring some bear hugging.

 It was entertaining watching them trying to move around like this.  Did you ever see The Mighty Ducks when the coach ties the whole team together and tries to make them skate "as one"?  I think the hockey team would have won a race against these three.  Now if their goalie was wearing a wedding dress I wouldn't want to make any bets, but then if their goalie was wearing a wedding dress it would have been a different kind of movie all together.

and another one bites the dust, or snow.  Mandy, you're up.  You have a nine year lead on the next in line.  But NO WINTER WEDDING!

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