Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Butterfly

It snowed. I know what you're all thinking..."Duh, you're in Star Valley!" Well it's true, we are in Star Valley and this place just isn't itself if it doesn't snow a couple of times in April, May and June. Loreli wasn't going to let the cooler weather get her down so she spread some sunshine and color!

**A special thanks to Mysha for providing the butterfly wings which supplied Loreli with much entertainment. Seriously, lots of entertainment. I had to chase her to get any pictures (which explains why they're all from behind) and we know how lovely I look when I run in this 37 week preglore body of mine.**


Digging in the garden.

Washing hands afterwards. 
Isn't that messy ponytail so cute? Seriously, I can't get over it.

She hated taking the wings off...I guess it's time to make this gal some dress up!

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Shea and Katy Roberson said...

that little grin is so precious.