Monday, April 23, 2012

Springtime and Ponytails

Believe it or not, but it's spring in Wyoming! The weather has been superb and Loreli is loving it because that means we can spend a lot of our days outside. In other shocking news, Loreli let me put her little mullet in a ponytail! I took the advise of auntie Mysha and bribed her with treats and 2 gummy worms later we had a funny little ponytail! Here are some shots of the little lass playing outside sporting her new do.

Seriously the cutest little ponytail ever.

She has also been enjoying the swing Jack brought home the other day. 

Love that cheeser!



Shea and Katy Roberson said...

She is sooo cute! My little bit is growing up without me.

Mysha said...

I agree, as the mother of a mullet-child, Loreli has the cutest ponytail! That side shot... is so cute. Katy, way to bribe!

Kristen Ellen said...

She looks so cute with her pony tail!