Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun Times in Star Valley

 Did we ever mention that we're having our baby boy in Wyoming? Well...we are. Next month. Hopefully. We left ole North Dakoty last week and are now here in Star Valley! Loreli and I will be here until the little guy comes and Shea will be traveling back and forth on his weeks off. Poor Jack and Gena have to put up with Loreli and me again!

Since Easter was only a week before our arrival, Jack and G decided to wait and do their huge-o egg hunt with all of the kids this last weekend. Of course lots of other fun things happened too such as riding the four wheeler, shooting guns at zombies for hours, and getting to pet the sweet ducklings Jack brought home. Paaar-tay!

Shea, the millions of pictures are for you! We miss you!!



We also made time for the cousins to lounge in their unders.

And a bit more time for tossing rocks into the pond. A new favorite of Loreli's.

 Playing with the ducklings. All weekend long Loreli was saying "duuuh"...maybe duck will be her first real word!

The egg hunt! Every year Jack and Gena do a huge egg hunt for all of their kids. Yep. Even the old ones get to hunt! It was even more competitive this year because not only were there treats and dollar bills in the eggs there were 7 special eggs with silver dollars! The egg hunt was split into 3 groups: the little girls (Ella, Rivy and Loreli), the big girls (Me and Trinity), and the big kids (everyone else). 
Here's the gang.

The little girls hunting for eggs.



And the big girls' hunting for eggs. 
Yep. I am a big girl for sure. Almost 35 weeks preggers here!

And of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without shooting something. In this case it was zombie Jenn and Kade.

Creepy, right? Talented, yet creepy.
And on that note I shall end my super long post.

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PatShala said...

Katy - are you really running at 35weeks pregnant? You are one craxy momma! Love it! Loreli is so precious!