Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheesers and Quilts

Still no baby. I've been doing squats, lunges and climbing stairs like a mad woman and still no baby. Hurry up Shea because apparently he wants you to be here for his grand arrival. 

Well on other topics we've been playing outside lots because it has been gorgeous weather. Here are more shots of Loreli just acting plain nuts.

Holy moly!
Wondering why my mom won't stop taking pictures
Helping build the pool deck
Doing "the cobra" Pilates move on the bridge
Playing in the water
Attempting to induce labor by running around kicking a ball

On Saturday I finished quilts for my kids! Poor Loreli had to wait until we are about to have another baby to get a quilt. They are definitely homemade because you can see all the billions of flaws in them. For Loreli I did a plain ole circle quilt and between Stacy, Gena and I, we quilted around all 54 of those circles by hand. They were so great to help me out!



And for baby Jack's quilt I went with the zoo dwellers pattern which was fabulous because it had cutting and layout guides in a pdf format. Woot!


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