Monday, May 21, 2012

Climbing the Rock Wall

Loreli loves to do whatever everyone else is doing. This can be a great thing if we are cleaning or brushing teeth, but it usually involves her attempting to do something a little too grown up. Like this evening for example. Bridger, Trinity and Stacy climbed the rock wall. She sat very patiently studying every move they made and once the harness was free she wanted to take her turn at it.

Putting the harness on
I don't know if that harness will help so much around her neck. Ehhh.
Jack helping her put the harness on correctly.
Climbing the wall with some help :)
Climbing is hard!
But it can be pretty fun too!
Okay. That is it for posts for the day...I promise. Oh and yes these pictures like in the previous post were taken today and yes I am still pregnant. Geesh.

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Mysha said...

I love to see 18 month accomplish physical feats that I can not do, it makes me feel- um, Like and Idiot! P.s.I feel your pain! Not literally, weird, but seeing you 40 weeks pregnant makes me feel a little queasy about what has to happen for that baby to get here! Hope that makes you feel better... uhhh, like a rusty nail to the gums. And, "that's all I got."