Sunday, May 6, 2012

¡Cinco de mayo!

No, I am not of Hispanic decent, but why not take a day and pretend like I am? Isn't that what cinco de mayo is all about? I'd like to think so. Anyway. We have been in need of some excitement around here since winter seems to be continually playing tricks on us, so we planned a shindig with yummy food, decorations and props for pictures. Oh yeah, and the entire day included me pretending to remember Spanish. ¡La fiesta fue excelente! ¡Si, si...muy excelente!

Enjoying yummy sopapillas.

¡Luchadores! What cinco de mayo would complete without luchador masks?


Okay...Loreli loved this mask! She seriously wouldn't take it off.

The fiesta-ers. Check out a couple things in this first photo: 
(1) how small that mask looks on Kyle 
(2) how creepy Jack's teeth look through his mask
(3) Bridger's chest hair


Hope you all had a good cinco de mayo!


Macey said...

Hilarious pictures. That mask on Kyle still kills me, especially with his nice puffy hair to compliment it

Mysha said...

Dear Katy,
it seems like this family you associate with are straight up Honky-Crazy! It makes me glad my family is normal.

love, a concerned blog friend