Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh Loreli

Before, during and after the move Loreli has been a complete delight! She is really good a preoccupying her time doing some of the most random things, but as long as it doesn't include her getting hurt or hurting baby Jack or making a total mess, who cares...right? 

While packing the bathroom before the move, Loreli thought it would be fun to put on all the headbands. She's so funny!

Wearing pants on her head

 She also thought it would be fun to put on every shirt she owned.

I think that pink shirt is her 7th layer.
For a while there she kept on falling into baskets, buckets or whatever she could fit into and then call for me saying, "mommy, mommy! I stuck!"

We love our funny little girl!

1 comment:

Macey said...

well now we know what Loreli would look like if she suddenly gained 50 pounds. All the fat straight to her torso