Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have mentioned a few times that we live next to a shanty town. Well, it's true. But I should be completely honest, we live in a shanty town. Thankfully we don't have to live here forever and have hopefully found "the" house for us. Fingers crossed. I have finally taken pictures to share with those who have not had the pleasure of visiting our dilapidated dog pee house (it smelled strongly of dog urine when we moved in).

Notice that there is not a single straight line on the house, no foundation, and it's hard to tell from this photo but the middle of the roof sinks in a bit. Yikes!

Comes complete with creepy dead trees and a nice yard of sand and sticks.

A beautiful view of the busy highway.

And another nice view of the haunted shanty town.

 See! I wasn't's creepy! And the worst of all is our landlord owns those and wants to rent them out. I bet in North Dakota she could get a pretty penny for those!

Okay, this post makes it sound like I'm depressed. Just to clarify I am not depressed. We are making the most out of our crummy living situation and the best part is the kids could care less where we live as long as we are with them and they feel safe. Loreli looovvves it outside. There are about a trillion twigs in the yard and she loves to pick them up and do whatever a 2 year-old does with a stick. We had a little picnic today outside and both of the kids had a blast.

Jack enjoying a cheese sandwich. Check out that toothy grin!

Sir Elton joined us for luncheon.


Kristen Ellen said...

Oh my goodness! Loreli as Elton John is HILARIOUS!

Kristen Ellen said...

Oh those shacks are scary. Haunted, definitely haunted.