Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing, growing, gone!

Jack is getting huge! The other day I thought he had an ear infection (he didn' I guess I'm happy, but it still doesn't explain for the fever and constant irritation) so I made an appointment. The nurse was super sweet and gave me a growth chart on him and wowee! Here are his 10 month stats:

21 pounds (40th percentile)
47 centimeters head circumference (80th percentile)
33 inches tall (well above the 97th percentile)

Yeah, that's right. Well above the 97th percentile! This boy is big and getting bigger! The doctor came in with his growth chart and asked how tall Shea was and I told her, but I knew what she was getting at so I told her that Jack has a very tall great granddad and great uncle. She said that she would be shocked if Jack wasn't taller than his dad someday. So here's to our soon to be ginormous son!


Kristen Ellen said...

Jack will be Buddy the Elf, sitting on his tiny elf dad's lap.

Macey said...

Those are some gappy mcteeth! But he's so cute. So cute and so tall

Ember said...

What a cute tall boy! BTW-that's a lovely piano in that there background!