Monday, September 16, 2013

The Down That Never Ends

The next morning started very early because it had the potential to be a very, very long day.  We were scheduled to summit which could have taken up to 7 hours, then we had to make it back down to where we camped the first night, which should also take 7ish hours, but of some pretty nasty terrain. 
 Jack standing where the rocks meet the glacier, which is also where we determined that we took the wrong direction and weren't going to be able to summit. 
 That is looking down what we had to come up, just to get to the glacier. 
 We took a little break there at the glacier. 
 The glacier is significantly smaller than it was the first time I saw it, but it is still pretty huge.

 Base camp is next to that lake you see, way, way down there. 
Gannett Peak is right above Kyle's head in this shot. 
 Since we didn't make it to the top, we got headed down early-ish
 Kade and Jason were already way ahead because their girly-parts were hurting the day before. 
 River crossing #1 for the day

 This is at the top of what we are about to go down.  Insanity!
 River crossing #2

 Crossing #3 and the doozy of them all.  Just off the picture to the right there is a  waterfall onto sharp, jagged, wet rocks and the river is really moving right there.  The first time this was accomplished we fashioned a zip line across after Big Jack attempted suicide by jumping off the waterfall with the rope tied around his waste.  
 This time it was half jump half pole-vault
 Some attempts were more successful than others, but no one was washed over the waterfall.

 Although Jack's Ipod was in his pocket and as you can see by his pants, he went in a little higher than he had planned. 

 And then back across the river
 This is at the bottom of the rock/river adventure but as you can see, it is still a long way to the bottom of this canyon. 
 Kades's boots were another casualty of the trip.  They ended that day by being loaded down with rocks and tossed into the river. 
My right foot was another casualty.  Don't worry it was only swollen and painful for a week or so after the trip. The next time I say I am going to climb Gannett, I want one of you to shoot me.

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Mysha said...

Are we calling dibs on who gets to shoot you? Do we have to shoot you, or can it be a stabbing? Wouldn't that be so gross to stab someone. So gross and squishy.