Monday, September 2, 2013

Yes...I'm an Idiot

For those of you who know what Gannett Peak is, then you know that it is the absolutely worst thing anyone could think of inflicting themselves with.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Gannett Peak, it is the absolutely worst thing anyone could think of inflicting themselves with.  More people have been to the moon than have successfully climbed Gannett and thought "that was fun. I'm glad I did this". Most people don't make it all the way and those that do left half of their brain somewhere along the trail up. Since this is my third trip, I have very little grey matter remaining. Which might explain why the potato salad won't quit laughing at me. 
 It all starts well enough.  You are rested, no sore muscles or tendons, you ate people food recently.  Life is just peachy. 
From this direction the view is very pretty and you are glad to be there.  Three days from now when you are going the other direction, these are the ugliest, longest lakes you have ever seen in your life and the sage brush fields that just wont end make you happy God invented forest fires. 
 1st lunch on the trail
 Kade's 410 calorie zinger stuffed meal bar.
And some quick blister repair and we are off again. 
 When you get to where you will be staying the night, the first matter of business is usually lying down.  Setting up camp and finding more food will come later, but for now we just need a moment.

 Here Kyle is setting up his tent and above him you can see where our trail starts tomorrow.
Sorry did I say "trail"? I meant you can see where we decide to leave the trail and start trying to become mountain goats.
 First step to becoming a mountain goat, leave the trail
 Then cross a river on wet, moss covered rocks
 Then cross it again on a wet, slippery fallen tree.

Then start climbing up
and up
and up.  But make sure you leave the dirt behind and climb up on sharp boulders and loose rocks.
Then keep going up
and up
make sure to eat lots of wild raspberries that are growing out of the rocks.  This step alone makes me a really good mountain goat.  I probably ate 5 pounds along the way.  Probably more as an excuse to stop, but whatever. 

when you think you are to the top and almost there, don't look up!
You still have a long way to go. 
This little mountain oasis is kind of the half way point into the madness upward.  It does make a nice place for a lunch break. 
 Getting there is still a challenge though

Mountain goats don't wear clothes.

 Then just keep going up.  AAAHHHH!!!!!

Eventually you make it to base camp.  There is a lot more pain, and horror in between these last two photos, but I was focusing too much on not passing out to take pictures.

Coming Soon: The trip down.  

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