Sunday, September 29, 2013

Super Awesome Loreli

For your entertainment and delight, here are some recent Loreli-isms.

Mom: "Loreli, Sing Follow the Prophet  for Dad"
Loreli: "Follow the Prophet, don't be scared. Follow the Prophet, don't run away. Follow the Prophet, don't go that way. Follow the leader, follow the prophet".

Dad: "Loreli, How old are you?"
Loreli: "Two" 
Dad: "How old will you be on your birthday?"
Loreli: "Um...Waffle"

Loreli to Dad: "Whats you mom's name"
Dad: "Gena"
Loreli: "NO! Gramaw"
Dad:"Right, Grandma.  Loreli, what's your Dad's name?"
Loreli: "Um, I don't know"
Dad: "Am I your dad?"
Loreli: "No.
Dad: "Who am I?"
Loreli: "You're my Shea".

I can't want to = I don't want to

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Candace Townsend said...

Baha! Follow the prophet, don't go that way. That's hilarious. She's so cute!