Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Here in Alaska there are no huge cities.  Anchorage is the biggest being about 300 thousand people.  So to have more places to sell the reps have been traveling a lot.  They were up in Fairbanks for a few weeks and now there is a group of them down in Kenai.  The company won't ship equipment to 2 different locations for one office so that means I get to haul equipment all over Alaska when the traveling group runs out.  I really don't mind, yet.  The drive to Kenai is very pretty and it's only about 3 hours. 

And they have a nice big sign to welcome you, but it is kind of hard for pregnant ladies to climb up on.

Last week when we went to Kenai a rich customer had the entire group that is working down there over for a cookout.  Since we were around we too were invited.  These folks had a great view, and the food was fantabulous!
They had fried halibut that was so darn good (probably because of the beer and Bisquick).  They also had king crab legs, which I have to admit I don't care for.  It's not that I'm being picky, but they make me nauseous and the back of my mouth/through gets a little puffy when I eat it. Maybe an allergy?  Not only that but we had to fight these ones to the death.
This one almost got Kade, but Bear Grylls there helped him out.
Show that crab Kade!


Mysha said...

You need to watch the Bear Grylls and Will Ferrel episode on YouTube. Hi-Larious! And while you're at it watch the newest Wipeout on ABC.com!

Mysha said...

p.s. Katy you look amazing!

Carl and Tracey said...

Man, I wish a rich customer would invite our crew for a tasty seafood cookout...