Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ode to Fathers

An ode to fathers those selfless blokes
So full of answers and dumb, dumb jokes
With hands like iron and arms like beams
They teach us to avoid extremes
He crushes coal with a slab of rock
And you must jog to keep up with his walk
Can take out a jug from 500 yards
But better watch out for cheating at cards
Dads make the best bedtime snacks
But stand to the side while holding the axe
They make Christmas great with hunts and tall trees
They like smelly foods like duck and bleu cheese
With heroes like Clint, The Duke and The King
How could he not be the toughest cool thing
The best things in life I am and I have
All came from you being my dad.
         Happy Fathers Day!

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