Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Hooray for not working!  Here's a shout out to all my peeps who were working.  Thanks to all you techs who make it so I can just hang out.  Rock on!

We went up to a lake in Palmer, Alaska with our family friends the Ottes. We had some brats and then we went out on the lake in their canoe.

Even though I wasn't working, I sure got a lot of phone calls.  Jerks, ruining my picnic.

And away we went! Katy must smell funny because the bugs left her alone completely but I had a black cloud buzzing around my head the whole time.  I must have some tasty head orifices because I couldn't keep those nasty things out of my ears and nose.  And then you know how it is when you get bugs stuck in your beard. Tut tut. 

In a canoe there has to be at least one person rowing. More is preferable, but there has to be one at least to make any forward progress.  Out of these 2 pictures above who does it seem was doing all that progressing? 

And that there is an official US Marshals service tactical life vest.  We don't mess around in our canoeing adventures.


Stacy said...

Katy just thought you were giving her a gondola ride. Did she refer to you as "Shabio?" That should have been a clue.

Mysha said...

Pregnant girls don't have to row! and why did you steal the life jacket from your wife and unborn daughter?

Shea and Katy said...

Daughter?! Jack Danger would be a terrible girl's name, but this first one gets that name regardless of gender so that'll show her for not being a boy!