Sunday, June 20, 2010

Save the Boobs!

We have some friends that live up here in Alaska and last Saturday Vicky invited Katy to go on a walk-a-thon thing.  It wasn't to raise money, I don't think, but awareness.

  Katy is on the far left.  Next to her is Vicky Otte our friend.  And then some people I don't know and didn't meet.  I was moving all of our stuff into our new apartment.  But maybe I can guess.  That next girl looks like a Rebecca, then Maureen, Julie, Bambi and Denise.
You know if there was an awareness walk for testicular cancer and dudes showed up to walk in pink tu-tus there would be big problems. 

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Mysha said...

Hey Katy- I can see your baby!!!