Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Last week our fab friends the Leders moved from Oregon to Wisconsin and since we were on their route they stopped for a couple of nights! I know what you're thinking. Watford City, ND is on the way to some place? Well, apparently it is and that place in this case isn't Canada! Last time we saw our friends was graduation day in April 2010 and since then we have both added new additions to our families. It was fun to finally meet Mr. Ezra and to see our friends again! Just move to ND, okay?

Ezra and Loreli
Cute babies.

Loreli loved having Ezra around! It's probably because she loves babies and what's not to love about adorable Ezra? Since he can walk and she can only crawl she spent a lot of the day trying to get to his level. Poor boy had to endure being climbed on quite a bit.

While they were here we visited, played a few games, ate lots of food and went on a walk to the park.

Shea and Carl.
Poor guy zonked out on the way to the park. I just love those cheeks!! 

At the park Tracey got some really sweet shots of Loreli swinging! Thanks Tracey!


I know I promised not to post a picture of you Tracey, but this is the only proof there is that you and I were actually there.

Katy, Loreli and Tracey.
We're so glad that our friends came to visit! It was so nice to see them and to remember that we do have friends...just not in ND yet. 
We hope all goes well in Wisconsin!

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Kristen Ellen said...

So cute! I love her hat!