Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Apple Pick

Now North Dakota may not have the desirous smell of fall, but what could be more synonymous with fall than pickin' apples?

Our neighbors have a couple apple trees and one was so full it was attracting every hobo within 90 miles.  They said we could help ourselves, so we did. 


Ms. Loreli was not as helpful as a little slave should be, but we still have quite a few years to get good work out of her.  We got 7 grocery bags full of apples.  We aren't sure what variety they are.  They are pretty tart and firm so we figured they be good pie apples. 

 With the help of little slicy-peely-McGee we made ourselves a lot of fine apple products.  "Apple wine, apple whiskey, apple martinis, apple nail polish remover, Snapple with vodka in it..."  Just kidding it was turned into apple sauce and apple pie filling.  We just bought our apple wine.  We have yet to make a pie we just use the pie filling to put on ice cream, pancakes and waffles.


Mysha said...

You guys are killing me with all your home-goodery! I get a little terror in my heart when I see glass bottles all lined up with food stuff in them, because, how did it get there?! Maybe it's my lack of canning knowledge that makes me not like canning, or that I just don't like it. But now I know how Macey feels when she sees a pan or a stove or raw ingredients that have nutritional value.

monte and gena said...

What a cute little hobo!.. Can you find one for me to be my slave?

monte and gena said...

yeah were can I get one too? Bridger