Friday, October 21, 2011

Owies, Funny Faces and Grazing...

Beginning to walk is exciting, but involves lots of owies. Here is Loreli's very first visible owie. Unfortunately it's on her face where everyone can see it. Curses on the end table that jumped out and bashed her lip!

Last weekend Loreli began to make this hilarious face. She has perfect timing too! Shea and I will be talking and something shocking will be said and we turn to Loreli and she is making this face. Or she will see a cool toy or a dog and turn to us and make the face. Hilarious.

Here's a messier version.

Yesterday for an afternoon snack I made some popcorn. Loreli has had popcorn before, but in an attempt to be good parents we have bitten off the kernel portion so she wouldn't choke. Yesterday she went nuts and crammed piece after piece into her mouth before we could stop her. This must have been too much of an effort for her because she grabbed the bowl and began to graze. Where did she learn that? Funny kid.

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PatShala said...

She is sooooo cute! Poor lip - OUCH! I love the hilarious face! It would be great to know how much these babies understand - I think we underestimate them.