Saturday, October 29, 2011

Children sicken me...

Sometimes I should say.  For example: meal time
Any guesses what the slime covering my child is?
You guessed it, home made mac and cheese
 How do you teach that sharing is not always a good thing?  Keep your grubby mits to yourself.
It starts with some scalp moisturizing and then
we move to the face.


Mysha said...

Whatever it is, obviously it inhibits hair growth. P.s. I thought the mac and cheese sheen really matched the shirt.

Macey said...

Hahahahahaha oh shoot. this really made me laugh a lot. Loreli better live up to the hilarious image that I have of her in my head at Thanksgiving. Otherwise.... i'm going to be reeaaaal disappointed. Just kidding. It'll be SOOOO fun to see you guys!