Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Buddy Jack

 Our little buddy Jack is so much fun to be around! He is fairly easy going...loves food, toys, books, outings, car rides, Loreli, making noise, and a good nibbling. At his last doctor appointment he weighed in at a whopping 21.4 pounds...and he's only 9 months! A big boy.

He loves his jumperoo! Thanks Gramps and Nina, we use it daily!

One of Jack's favorite things to do is to empty buckets and bags full of things. He often sits on the kitchen floor emptying the crock with all of my kitcheny tools while I cook dinner. It means more things to wash, but he's happy! 

 So he still isn't crawling. He gets around alright, but it's all in reverse. This is a huge source of frustration to him because he gets stuck in awkward situations and can't get out of them. Just this morning he attempted a few forward lunges and bashed his head pretty bad, but kids are resilient...so he did it again. So is it resilient or forgetful? Hmmm.

Under the table before the move...love the mess back there?

Under a chair in the kitchen.

If anyone has seen Jack he has some unruly hair. Why doesn't hair grow evenly? Come on! So I took a dive and cut his hair. It was going okay, until he realized I was doing something to his head and then I called in the reinforcements to hold his little head.

We love our little Jack!


Mysha said...

You're just a regular Edward Scisscorhands aren't you! B.J.D's hair looks amazing, and he isn't bleeding from his ears, so you get an extra star! Maybe because it's because you're almost 30? Well done big K.

patshala said...

He looks so handsome! Great job! Happy Birthday awesome momma!