Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm 27. What?

I had a birthday on Thursday and as I was reminded by dear Bridger, "You're almost 30! 3 more years!" Well I had truly never thought of it before, but thanks for the thought Bridge.

We had a little party that night after Shea came home from work. When he got home he said he felt terrible because I had cooked my own dinner, made my own cake and decorated for my own party. It was fun though! The kids were prefect all day and they loved the balloons and streamers! And  what kid doesn't want to "help" make frosting? Loreli surely does.

cute mini cake stand I got from Kristen & Matt. I love it!

Loreli wanted to join in the birthday candle blowin' fun so we let her have a few turns.

It was a great day! The night before my birthday Shea let me open a present (or more like made me) and he got me a Nikon D-3100! I love it, but I am a bit overwhelmed at what to do with it. Yes, I know take pictures...but have you seen all the knobs and doohickeys those things have? Intimidating.  On the day of my birthday big Jack was here and he came bearing gifts! They (Gena and Jack) gave me a tripod for my new camera and a painting that Jack did of Loreli. It's amazing!  When I opened it Loreli said, "Loreli!!!" She knew exactly who it was and now every time she passes by it she says, "ohhh...it's a Loreli!"

I also got another awesome card from Trin which took another jab at my new age. Normally on her birthday cards she draws a cake with candles in the amount of your new age...apparently 27 is too high a number to draw the candles. Oh well.

Here's to another awesome year in my late 20's!


Macey said...

Happy Birthday Katy. You're house is looking much less crazy then when we left you the morning after the move. What a funny house

Judy Joines said...

Happy Belated Birthday from one of your VERY OLD TPL co worker...Judes.... I love following your blog and seeing those beautiful children!!!

Kristen Ellen said...

That card is hilarious!