Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is here!

Some of you may think we moved to Riverton because Shea accepted a job with a really great company. Well that is true, but really we moved here to escape winter and welcome spring a couple months early! Seriously the weather has been aaaa-mazing! We have wanted to spend nearly every moment outside...but seeing that we live next to a shanty town right off the highway the kids get scared every couple of minutes because a huge truck drives by we spend lots more time indoors. We did make it to the park the other day so the kids could swing and Loreli could climb stuff. It was great fun!

This was Jacks very first time swinging!

He didn't like the chair swing.

 Loreli thinks it's funny to never look at the camera.

I love that little snickering face she's making. Funny.

It was also Jack's first time eating grass.


Loreli climbing! She had such a blast and didn't want any help because she said "Lo-e-li do it!"

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