Tuesday, October 1, 2013

While Shea was killing himself on Gannett...

We went to Bear Lake! It was so nice to get away to a place that had sand and sun and not all this dang wind we have here in Rivertonia. Here are some pictures of our day we spent at the lake.

Building sand castles!

Ahhh. I love this picture. Bridger and Trinity made a sand castle together and at the moment I snapped a picture he smashed it. Bridger is lucky he's not dead. 

After a few nights at Bear Lake we ventured back to Star Valley for a few days.

Jack's first time on the four-wheeler! He wasn't a fan.

Making cookies with Auntie Trin!

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Macey said...

The title of this post is very morbid. But on another note, those nieces and nephew of mine are so cute. I wish we all lived together in a giant candy castle so I could see them everyday and eat candy always.