Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 4th

How can it be the 4th of July without a barbecue? Honestly.  We went up to Eagle River and had a little cookout.
  Randy came
and Kade and Jennacy came
and Sam came.  In a very round about way it was a family event.
Then we went down town and climbed to the top of all the parking garages to see the fireworks that some lying customer of Kade's said there would be.  How can you shoot of fireworks when it never gets dark? Come on lady, get with it! 
So we just walked around and finally gave up and came home to see a brilliant fireworks display put on by Kade and his laptop. 


Carl and Tracey said...

No worries, fireworks on the laptop are very comparable to the real thing. hahahaha. Btw, we have an interesting group of techs this year as Carl has his brother Chris who is married to Katie who has both of her brothers, Dennis and Jon (Chris' brother-in-laws) out here.

Mysha said...

I thought you were calling Jennacy kade's laptop! Bwahhhh!!!