Monday, July 26, 2010

Belly Progress

18 weeks
19 weeks
20 weeks
21 weeks
22 weeks
23 weeks (current)

Any questions?


Candace said...

Are you sure you're pregnant?? Ha ha, just kidding. Katy, you look so cute! Le bebe will be here soon!

Couponing to Italy said...

Love that cute red dress!

Couponing to Italy said...

I just had to see this again. :)

PatShala said...

You are an adorable pregnant woman!!

Mary said...

katy!! SOO CUTE! how are you? oh my gosh you're so cute!

Carl and Tracey said...

ummmmm CUTE LADY!!!! Katy you are so darling! Please pass through KS before Aug 25th so that we can see you and your cute belly. I guess we can see Shea too.

Carl and Tracey said...

as a warning though, knee-length dresses only work until the beginning of the third trimester... then you begin to flash a lot more leg because your belly lifts the front waaaaay higher! haha!

Aaron and Megan said...

YAY! Katy your belly is awesome! I am sooo excited to see it in person this weekend! woot woot. keep up the good work.