Friday, July 9, 2010

Trip North

A couple of weekends ago we took a service trip up to Fairbanks AK.  We had a group up there at one time and thus we had service that needed to be done but no one up there to do it.  So they paid us to go take care of a bunch of it.
One of the customers was this nice old lady who had an award winning garden.  Look at that rhubarb! You could beat someone to death with it.
We took a break one of the days and had Chinese food by the river. And you can't have lunch without a nap.
You'd think a pregnant woman would avoid laying on her back, on the ground, outside, on a slope, in the sun, in the middle of the sea.
That's right folks! North Pole Alaska.  Too bad we weren't here come Christmas time.  Undoubtedly this would be a fun place to be.
Except when giant scary Santa comes to life and starts crushing a destroying everything.
Going up to and back from Fairbanks you pass through Denali national park.  Very pretty this time of year.  But it was totally overcast so we couldn't see Mt. McKinley at all.  What a drag!

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Mysha said...

Can't have lunch without a nap indeed! You are in for a rude awakening come November! No sleeping in or naps! And if you do get one, it ends with a cup of water to the face.